European Rails Conference 2013
is yet another experiment!

The newborn Railsberry 2012 was fantabulous! It was improvised, extremely
rewarding and we knew it wouldn’t be the last time we get to host so many tech friends in Krakow. So here we go again!

We like to shake things up so let’s move from our kitchen to a lab and start
playing with explosives. We want to experiment with a new formula and
challenge Rails developers to focus on everything BUT Rails.
We want to mix flavors and technologies and try things we never played
with. And we will make sure there are some explosions. Protective gear is
recommended, let’s get our hands (& keyboards) dirty!

Take a healthy crowd of
curious people, add a few
drops of fun, a pinch of
amazing vibe, mix it with as
much of the unknown
as possible and leave in a
playful environment until it
explodes ;)


Meet the lovely guys who believed in us
and who are helping us make Railsberry
the best tech event on the planet!

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