Jam Producer

Ela Madej

Ela runs the Railsberry circus and the boutique Ruby and Android shop Applicake. She is a co-founder of Future Simple that makes great software for SMEs. Ela was one of the main organizers of the European Ruby Conference 2010 and she's making sure the Krakow startup community is growing with Hive meetups. She's a seasoned entrepreneur with infectious ideas and even more infectious laughter. She loves contemporary dance and the performing arts. Follow her on Twitter here.


Design Wizard


Socha is the our design chef, making sure all visual ingredients are in good proportions and people like them. With practically all her time spent designing, photographing, drawing, and being involved in independent art projects, she doesn't have much left to play accordion. She keeps one foot in Europe and the other in South America.


PR Fairy

Dorota Skop

Dorota spreads the sweet word about Railsberry and keeps an eye on the marketing ingredients of that jam. She likes things being neatly organized and she's mad about typos and typography. Loves minimalism and minimal techno. A big fan of Wes Anderson's movies, dreams of traveling to Darjeeling by train. Follow her on twitter here.


Speakers' Angel

Agata Mazur

Agata's role is making sure the Railsberry lineup comes in a wide variety of flavours. And only the good ones! Being a Rails developer herself, she is the mighty Chief Services Officer at Applicake. On top of that, she co-founded Future Simple and is among TEDxKraków main organizers. She loves skiing and trying each and every sport out there... But she lately specializes in torn knee ligaments and wedding attendance (seven in the last few months, OMG). Catch her on Twitter here.


Code Guard

Piotr Matuszkiewicz

Piotr has been cooking the Railsberry website and hustling to make sure the Railsberry jam gets delivered on time. He is a rocking junior software developer at Applicake, mesmerized by Ruby and Rails. He loves loud music and thick books (a lot of content = a lot of fun!) At the moment he is in pursuit of getting his engineering degree and using way too much coffee as a substitute for sleep. Follow him on twitter here.